Úkryt - 1897

Artist: Úkryt
Tasmania/Victoria, Australia
Genre: Instrumental Atmospheric Black Metal

Album Title: 1897
Release Date
Digital: February 24, 2023
Vinyl: TBC

Track Listing
1897 - Pt. 1 (16:19)
2: 1897 - Pt. 2 (17:14)

Conceived in Southport, TAS.
All composition, performances and production by M and S.
Mastered by Dav Byrne at Iridium Audio.
Photography by @bm.aesthetic.

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Starved Light

"Returning to the stillness in the wake of turmoil, we transmuted the last three years into an act of creation. No words needed to be spoken, no themes narrated. There was power in the silence.

This album is a canvas. We invite all to colour the experience with their own minds."

Formed as part of a celebration between close friends, the enigmatic Úkryt are an instrumental atmospheric black metal duo based in Tasmania and Victoria, Australia, featuring past and present members of Départe, Rise of Avernus and many more. Úkryt's driving purpose is the exploration of the mysterious languages found within instrumental music without the distraction of lyrical narrative. Úkryt view their music as an invitation to the listener to hear their own stories told through the vessel of music.

The band wrote and recorded their debut EP Řeka in 2019 over a weekend in a quiet riverside shack in rural New South Wales, releasing it to the public the following week. Úkryt remained quiet for quite some time following the release of Řeka, with no live performances and no movement until May 2021, when they announced a limited edition vinyl pressing of Řeka in partnership with Starved Light - a then newly founded short run record label based in Tasmania, Australia.

In the winter of 2022, the duo came together once more over another weekend, this time in the freezing southernmost regions of Tasmania, in an effort to evolve and build upon the foundations set by Řeka. The process took longer this time, stretching beyond the initial weekend and across the following few months as the band experimented further and delved deeper into what they were attempting to unearth. The result is 1897 - two movements spread across 33 minutes and 33 seconds of dense, expansive and mesmerising instrumental black metal.

1897 will be available on limited edition 180 gram 12" vinyl in two variants with a 12 page 7" photo booklet.

UNDERTOW (Sea Blue and Orange Galaxy, limited to 100 copies)
UMBRA (Black, limited to 150 copies)